Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Loads of New Yarns from Rico

Knitwits Yarns

Last week I mentioned our huge delivery from Rico and now - less than 5 days later - I'm pleased to say they're all online and selling already!

We started with a new scarf yarn - Liesl - which is very, very chunky (knitted on 12mm needles) and has a very subtle sparkle running through it. I knitted up our sample in one evening so it's great for a quick and warm scarf - which is just what we need at the moment with the freezing cold weather we're having (not sure about you but down here the thermometer is deceptive as the wind-chill factor is terrible). So - 5 colours in Liesl:

and our knitted sample (14 sts, 12mm needles, 1x1 rib, 1 evening):

From a scarf yarn we now move onto summer yarns - time to get organised and have faith that summer is going to come! The first is called Micro and is made from microfibre and is a standard DK in glorious bright multicolours:


I think this is my favourite:

And then we have the Cotton Soft DK, which is exactly the same make-up as the discontinued Kon Tiki by Stylecraft - 50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic. Kon Tiki sold really well for us but, evidently, not so well elsewhere and it was eventually, sadly discontinued. It's always a pity when this happens but we know from experience that some yarns that sell well for us don't work elsewhere and vice versa - I'm not sure if it's because we're slightly warmer down here (allegedly) or, perhaps, knitters who buy from us are inspired by the artistic atmosphere of Penzance and West Penwith and like slightly more "different" yarns. Either way - we're delighted that Cotton Soft is going to replace Kon Tiki and we're delighted to be stocking it. There are plain colours:

and multi colours:

so there's a really good choice.

Time to start planning your summer knits!!

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