Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Year's Day!

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Today is the 6th anniversary of FB's and my engagement - as we rapidly approach our 24th Wedding Anniversary! This means that 24 years ago I was in New Zealand and thought I'd better to check to see if I was coming home to FB or not - evidently I was (he met me at Heathrow with a dozen red roses) and we were married a few months later.

We should, of course, be spending a romantic evening together tonight but - instead - FB is going to a meeting, I am having an early supper with girlfriends, G is home alone and T is en route to Toronto for a "Geography" "Field Trip". I put the "Geography" in speech marks as I think "Geography" and "Field Trip" and "Canada" roughly translates into "skive from normal lessons, jolly good time with good fun teachers, trip to Ice Hockey match and visit to Niagara Falls" and, possibly, "first experience of jet lag" when he returns on Monday. Am I jealous? Damn right, I am. When I was at school we went to Dorset for our Geography Field Trip and were very happy with that!

So - prior to early supper with girlfriends I've put a couple of new things on the site - both from Debbie Bliss. Firstly, her latest magazine:

Packed with 30 patterns featuring such yarns as ecobaby, Rialto 4ply, Bella, Baby Cashmerino and new Rialto Lace it's incredibly good value at just £4.95.

Secondly, I have Debbie's first ever Crochet book! Now, I know loads of people are bemoaning the lack of crochet patterns so here is a whole book of them! Again, various items done in yarns such as Rialto 4ply, Baby Cashmerino and Rialto Lace, this book is sure to attract the crocheters amongst you:

Here is a sample of some of the patterns:


A few of you have been asking about my knitted seagull - he is done and is in the process of photography and will be here soon - along with an explanation as to why on earth I knitted him!

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