Friday, 10 February 2012

Celebrating Family

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I had meant to blog yesterday about the latest book on the site but we then had a big - and slightly unexpected - delivery in. Deliveries bring a mixture of excitement and dread and this one was interesting in that we'd kind-of forgotten what we'd ordered. Sometimes when you open the boxes/sacks you sit there for a while wondering a) whether you ordered that particular item and sometimes b) why you ordered that particular item. Yesterday was a bit like that but then we opened the boxes and we remembered exactly why we'd ordered these yarns - because they're GORGEOUS!!

They are from Rico and make us think of lovely summer knits and summer days and they're in the photo booth e'en as I type so I can get them on the site asap.

The other problem with deliveries is that sometimes (and yesterday was one of those days) you really aren't sure where they're going to fit - both on the shelves and in the stock room. (For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to visit is in person I'll just say that - unlike some wool shops - we only display one ball of each yarn on the shelves and the rest is stored away - we have far, far, far too much wool to have it all out on display - and we then write on the ballband how many balls of each yarn we have in stock - this, combined with our online stock control system, means that 99% of the time our stock levels are right and we know exactly what we've got {the 1% error is purely human!}).

Yesterday's delivery - being mostly summer cotton blends - threw the shelf displays into complete disarray so Tracey and I moved quite a lot of things around to get the display right. This takes time - as you can imagine. We have to calculate how many "holes" in the shelves we need and then shuffle everything else around, up, down or - even - into the oddball basket (yes, we have one of those too). By the end (5pm) we were happy and we now have a "Debbie Bliss" section for all of her "fashion" non-standard weights such as Rialto Lace, Baby Cashmerino, Angel etc and we have a DK cotton section which includes Memphis, Bamboo Cotton, Duo Plus, Degrade and Degrade Sun and our lovely new arrivals.

We like it! And for those of you who do visit us frequently, we hope you do too! Perhaps I should take some piccies?

So - finally, back to the new book on the site - Debbie Bliss's "Celebrating Family" which features two of her non-standard weight yarns - Baby Cashmerino and ecobaby. These 2 yarns are totally interchangeable so you can knit any of these patterns in either yarn - for a warmer feel her Baby Cashmerino and for summer her ecobaby organic cotton. And there are patterns for mummies as well as children!:

and for babies, too - how cute is this?!:

First job this morning was to type up ANOTHER new pattern - on the site tomorrow - see you then!

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