Monday, 27 February 2012

Dawn and Al

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I've often said on this blog how nice it is to meet knitters from all over the world and, every now and then, knitters who we know virtually who then turn up "in the flesh".

Last Thursday I met Dawn and Al (she is the knitter, he is her husband) from Canada (living in the USA) who were/are really remarkable. I had the good fortune to meet them the day before they started walking from Land's End to John O'Groats. Some of you may remember that we End-to-Ended back in 2010 (go back to July 2010 in the blog if you want to refresh yourselves of the details) - the boys cycled and I drove the backup campervan and - guys - it's about 1,000 miles!

Dawn and Al are walking it and - fortunately for all of us - they're keeping a daily blog. It's going to take them about 84 days (that's just short of 3 months) and, being the keen planners that they clearly are, they have pre-booked every night's accommodation along the route.

Dawn is going to attempt to do some knitting but she's only carrying a small pack (with good reason) so the knitting is limited but I'm sure they'd love some other knitters along for the ride! I'm already hooked on their site and check it out every morning. I can't wait to see how they get on.

The site is: (I am mentioned in last Thursday's post, with a couple of pics too!)
and Dawn is dawnvOR on Ravelry.

Let's make sure the knitters of the UK give them the support they deserve as they make their way north!!

Talking of Ravelry - my page is coming on slowly - I've added some Finished Objects and some more patterns to my Designer page {Julia Hopson} (which had already appeared without me knowing thanks to a couple of designs in some magazines) and we now have a Knit Wits group - imaginatively called Knit Wits Penzance - please feel free to join and/or become a friend! It's taken me a while to get round to it but I'm really enjoying uploading all my finished items and patterns - suddenly makes me realise how much I've really done!

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