Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Birthday Treat

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About a month ago it was my birthday and my brother and s-in-l gave me/us a voucher for a champagne cream tea at a The Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth (I think they think/know we need to get out more!) and when we checked the hotel's website it transpired that they had a BOGOF offer on for rooms until the end of February. There and then we booked ourselves a weekend away and it was this weekend. What a treat! The Hotel was lovely:

(picture taken from their website, sadly the weather wasn't quite that good!) - this was the real view from our room:

and this was the room although this picture was also taken from their website as we have the unbelievable knack of destroying a perfect bedroom in about 30 seconds - newspapers, clothes, shoes, magazines and knitting appear from nowhere as soon as we walk in.)

Sadly it poured with rain on Saturday so our proposed yomp was cancelled and instead we did a bit of shopping (sooooo unlike us) and then there was the small matter of a couple of rugby matches to watch and a fantastic cream tea to devour:

I also managed some knitting:

which may not look much but is Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace on 3mm needles so - trust me - there's a LOT of knitting there!

It was such a lovely break and I'd forgotten how lovely and relaxing two day weekends are - we've vowed to have more mini-breaks (especially if we can find more BOGOF offers!).

PS: We also managed some photos of my latest TWO designs - first one coming up tomorrow, when I've finished writing up the pattern.

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