Saturday, 8 May 2010

What a Weekend!

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Well, what a weekend it's been and continues to be! I didn't get at all excited by the run up to the election as I knew who I was going to vote for from day 1. But I did get really excited as the results were coming in and found myself glued to the telly for far longer than I would normally. We went to an election party with friends on Thursday night and stayed far later than we intended (got to bed at 1.30!! - might have been something to do with the Tequila Sunrises - thanks, David) and then I found myself wide awake at 5.00am wondering a) what was going on and b) how would FB react if I turned the TV on. Managed to hold off 'til 6.00am and then turned it on and was stuck to it for the rest of the day. All very exciting but still no-one in charge. Let's hope they can sort it over the weekend.

But, of course, our weekend is dominated by Ten Tors. The B52's are doing brilliantly and are, e'en as I write at 5.20, heading to Tor 8 where they will camp for the night (for those of you who've forgotten the rules you can't go beyond Tor 8 on Day 1 and many, many people don't make it to Tor 8). They are taking it in turns to be first in their group with Exeter School so there's a real Devon/Cornwall battle going on there!

We're driving up to Okehampton tomorrow morning but reckon there'll be over the finish line before we get there - barring disasters. Still, as we're travelling up with the Army Officer who presents the awards, at least we know we won't miss that!

Click here if you're in any way, shape or form interested in our boys' progress (they're The Bolitho School at the top).

Keep going boys!!

Just checked the site - they reached Tor 8 at 5.12 so they'll be putting up their tents now!

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  1. Elections: let's just say I'm happy I didn't have to vote (not allowed, I iz a foreigner), but if you think this is complicated, wait till the 13 June, when you see how we do it in Belgium. (Oh and voting is compulsory!) Three parties? Pah! We'll get a coalition of six if need be!

    And WELL DONE BOLITHO SCHOOL!!! So they've only got 2 left tomorrow? They'll be finished before you've had your breakfast! Way to go!