Saturday, 1 May 2010


Knitwits Yarns

At the moment I am knitting mostly socks. In fact, I am knitting only socks. For someone who isn't a mad, fanatical sock knitter this is a strange place to be. I still have Dad's on the needles in the shop and the second one is nearly done and then I have the mystery project at home (which will be revealed before May is out) which has, for this week, turned into sock knitting and then I have another pair of socks planned for another present.

Knitting socks is a strange thing. You put all that effort into something that's not really going to be seen, is going to get pretty hot and sweaty at times - sorry, but that's the reality - and will, therefore, be chucked in the washing machine on a regular basis and only the wearer truly appreciates their wonder as hand knitted socks are, without doubt, the most comfortable socks you will ever wear.

And yet, they are peculiarly addictive. The more you knit, the faster you get so they're suddenly not so daunting and will be finished in no time (in your head - obviously, in reality you're going round and round for some considerable time) and the wearer (if they're a gift) truly appreciates the effort made and the time that's gone into them.

Are hand knitted socks the ultimate sign of love?

If you're coming down to Cornwall this weekend, please note that we are closed on Monday but we look forward to seeing you from Tuesday onwards - 9-5 every day except Sunday.

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