Thursday, 13 May 2010

Still Knitting Socks

Knitwits Yarns

After all the excitement of last weekend, all is calm and quiet chez Hopson (when I say "quiet" the term is, of course, relative) the washing is nearly done (ha!), T has Boxing Club tonight (if any of you feel the need to get really, really fit I can strongly recommend joining a Boxing Club - they're so fit it's scary) but we have no expedition rucksacks to pack, no rugby matches this weekend and no fishing expeditions as the boat engine has seized. (That last one is not good news, by the way, as it makes all the men in the house slightly edgy and very grumpy and means, of course, no fresh crab.)

And I am still knitting socks. Dad's pair are finished (photo to follow soon) and on time as well - amazing. Have started to knit another pair for a present and mystery project is still ongoing. I think tinebeest's comment about socks is about right - apparently, FB won't mind me knitting socks if they're for him ............... hmmm. Can feel some stocking fillers coming on - but if I knit for one I guess I'll have to knit for all 3.

Can someone tell me - once you start this sock knitting thing, does it ever stop?


  1. Hehe, no, sock knitting is a chronic infection. I've got socks to see me through the week (and I believe so does mr beest), and do you remember what I bought last time I was in the shop? SOCK YARN! For socks. Because unless the house explodes with socks, you don't have enough of them.

    Wait till you get into the Cookie A. patterns... Lethal, I tell you, lethal...

    Shame about the engine. I assume there is no heroic tale involving an RNLI rescue involved in how it came to its end?

  2. No, it doesn't stop. It becomes an extension of your being that must be nourished and exercised on a regular basis, or else something will be off kilter in your life.