Monday, 17 May 2010

Finishing Socks

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Yesterday was my sister-in-law's birthday. She received one sock in the post. I'm gathering from the feedback I'm getting - both in the blog and the shop - that sock knitting is a disease from which you never recover. That being so - is sending one sock for presents a symptom of the disease? I finished Sharon's second sock yesterday which was appropriate as it was her birthday and if we didn't live 400 miles from each other she could have, feasibly, received it on her birthday. As it is, it's in the post tonight and before I parcelled it up FB photographed it:

It's Araucania in a shade we don't have in stock at the moment but at least it gives you an idea of how it knits up - I think "gorgeous" is the word.

I've also finished Dad's socks - a good two weeks before his birthday, which must be some kind of record for me. They're done in Zig Zag, in colour Rhapsody which we're currently out of stock of as everyone's seen me knitting them and has then bought the wool:

This is how T would wear them:

He rarely, if ever, wears matching socks. We even bought him ones with the days of the week on to try and help but it doesn't - today I believe we're wearing Monday & Thursday. It's either called creativity or laziness - take your pick.

And in answer to your question, tine - no, fortunately there was no need for the RNLI as the engine seized before they'd left Penzance harbour. It's turned out to be terminal so the hunt is on for a new engine. Is anyone out there aware of the cost of small boat engines? You could buy a car for the cost of them - seriously, £4,000 for a new one - it's giving me palpitations at 3am so I've had to cast on another sock to keep me calm. Fortunately a friend came over on Saturday night and brought 3 crabs with him so all is well in that department.

Today is G's last day at School before study leave for the dreaded GCSE's. 12 more exams to go - 14 years education boiled down to 12 exams - my heart goes out to all Year 11's and, even more so, to their parents.


  1. Waaw- engines cost a lot! I hope business goes well so you can afford one soon :-)

    Mr beest used to wear mismatched socks all the time. Not anymore... he wants to show off the handknits to maximum effect, and that doesn't work with a bumblebee sock on the left foot and a purple cabled one on the right :-D The black and grey ones from the shop still get mixed up, but that's their own fault for not being funky.

    Best of luck to G for the exams!

  2. Hi Julia ..i want some like them.... do you have an easy pattern i have the wool.. but have done the 4/5 knitting needle thing