Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Knitwits Yarns

I've just finished my radio interview (more of a knitterly chat really) for BBC Radio Devon and Cornwall. It's for a project about reviving industry and traditions in Cornwall and Laura had been interviewing people at The Ship Inn in Mousehole about their Star Gazey Pie, had been talking to a man in Newlyn about making pots from traditional withies, had been talking to someone in Newlyn about the traditional pilchard pressing and then came to me to talk about knitting as they wanted a female perspective. I rambled on a bit about the history of knitting in Cornwall (see here for a piece in our Cornish Organic Wool website) and then we progressed to natural fibres, local wools, ethics in clothing production etc, etc - as you can see, more of a chat than an interview. I'll let you know when it's being aired so long as I get enough notice. I hate hearing my own voice on recordings, don't you?

Back to Saturday, we had a great day for Mazey Day (part of the 9 day Golowan festival) and had a stall on the street:
That's Tracey and I in the afternoon sunshine. We're wearing fab t-shirts which Trace found with Shaun the Sheep on them saying "Bit of a Knit Wit"! Can't imagine why anyone else would buy them but they're great for us! (I hadn't realised how much shorter I am than Trace!)

The street was packed:

and you can just see the wonderful banners, flags and flowers which decorated the street all the way down.

We also had a march past from The Falmouth Marine Band in their Cornish kilts (I do love a man in a skirt):

We also had a couple of samba bands (which I love) but the pics of them are dreadful. Never mind, they're coming back again in August so I'll get them then.

In all, a really, really good day.

I've inputted more Baby Bamboo patterns and Tina Barrett, who designs for us for both Cornish Organic Wool and Wool Britannia, spotted my error on the Cornish Pewter Buttons page. The big heart is £3.10, not £13.10 as stated - whoops! Too much entering info late at night.

Tina is currently designing for magazines for autumn/winter so we'll let you know when they appear.

Talking of Wool Britannia, the "Name The Skein" competition is now closed! We've had a whack of entries - I'll count them up tonight - and all entrants will recieve a 10% discount voucher off their first order. The vouchers are ready and tonight I'll be inputting the names and addresses of the entrants to do a big mail-merge run. Before that, we have to decide on the winner. I have my own favourite in mind but we're going to sit down tonight/tomorrow so that we all agree. WATCH THIS SPACE! It's been great fun receiving all your emails and cards and there have been some great suggestions so we have a hard job to choose just one. Perhaps I should get FB to dye another colour so we can do it all again!

My men are currently out trying to catch supper and, once again, I'm keeping the faith and not defrosting sausages - one day soon we're going to go to bed very hungry indeed!

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