Friday, 10 July 2009

Knitwits Yarns

The tedium of yesterday was relieved by moving little brown hen and her babes into their new accommodation. T went into the hen house and moved the chicks into an old guinea pig cage:
That's G receiving a baby. Obviously Mum wasn't happy and there was much squawking and flapping but G&T got there in the end.

Mum and babes were then moved up to the top and lawn and their new, luxury accommodation:

Little Brown Hen sat on 10 eggs and hatched 6 live babies, one who died and there were 3 eggs which weren't fertilised (which the boys broke open yesterday and stunk the whole garden out) - not a bad result.

Little brown hen is happy to be up and moving again (and is eating for England) and her babes are oh, so very cute.

The tiny bit of knitting you can see on the left of this photo is my Debbie Bliss Astrakhan jacket - what all good chicken farmers are wearing this year.

Mrs White hen is due this weekend so has been moved into the rabbit hutch in the hen house, recently vacated by Little Brown Hen. Next week's holiday project for my men is to build another luxury abode for her and her chicks (assuming they hatch) - it's a great pity my boys aren't doing DT GCSE as it would be the perfect project.

Today my treat is to go and collect the beads for the beaded gorgeousness - TSTTITHOTWE is crying.

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  1. Those chicks have got the Cute. With a capital C.

    (still no sign of Brad?)