Monday, 20 July 2009

Knitwits Yarns

I picked up the neckband of TSTTITHOTWE yesterday morning in bed with FB gently snoring next to me and then, after a leisurely breakfast, I knitted the neckband. Not content with that I then picked up one of the armbands and knitted that too. AND I sewed in all the little ends around the neckband and the armband too - so - that's probably the most progress TSTTITHOTWE has ever seen in one day!

I had a migraine on Saturday (yes, another one) so was allowed the day off yesterday, which means I have accounts calling tonight and the second armband probably won't be knitted for another week at least. But, hey, progress indeed I think you'll agree.

FB worked like a demon over the weekend in the dye house so yesterday, after supper, my kitchen looked like this:
Somewhere behind that lot is an Aga, in front of which it's drying. The more astute amongst you may notice (on the left and right) a little space-dyeing that FB's been working on - it's looking good - he's a clever boy!

Tell me, do your kitchens look like this on a Sunday evening?

Conversation during dinner chez Hopson: Eric the 3-legged cat with attitude comes in the cat flap

this is Eric with me this morning as I'm about to get on my bike (high viz jacket and hat - hope you're impressed).

T: Eric's got a baby rabbit in his mouth.
FB: Get that *&%$@ cat out of my *&%$@ kitchen.
T: I can't pick him up, he's growling.
FB: I don't care about his *&%$@ growling, get him out
T: Oh, it's OK it's not a baby rabbit, it's a half rabbit.

Is it just me?

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  1. Oooh- must investigate the space dyed stuff next time we're in Penzance! And that will be next week if my mum gets her way (she's been saying things like "Oh, but aren't we going to go to a yarn shop? Surely we should, you have such nice wool in the UK." Who am I to go against mother's wishes...). Yarn diet? Which yarn diet? ;-)