Tuesday, 30 June 2009

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We were lucky - we had sun on Saturday. In fact, so much sun I have pink arms. And, I knitted a goodly chunky of TSTTITHOTWE so it was all worth it. Sitting in the sun knitting - and I could still call it work!

Tomorrow I'll have photos of the festival but today I've been madly entering Baby Bamboo patterns. It takes some time as they're available as loose leaf patterns and in books. For all Baby Bamboo colours in stock (and you can see all the patterns down the left hand side) click here.

If you want to see the first Baby Bamboo book, click here.

For Baby Bamboo Too (clever name - we like it!), click here.

Baby Bamboo is a standard DK so you can use Snuggly DK (or indeed any DK) instead. You can use the yarn convertor for quantities in other yarns.

This is a brief note as it's now 7.45pm and I'm going home! All the men are in the gym so the house will be peaceful when I get in, which is always a treat. Although, of course, it's threatening rain and thunder so I'll probably have a very noisy 3-legged cat demanding attention!

Tomorrow I'm doing a recorded radio interview about the history of knitting in Cornwall - better start swotting up on that then!

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  1. Ooooh radio interview! When is/was it broadcast? Did I miss it?