Thursday, 18 June 2009

Knitwits Yarns

It's been a frantic couple of days so I'm in the shop late to bring you up to date. We had a big Sirdar delivery yesterday and it takes a while to pack it all away, reorganise the display shelves, update the site etc, etc. I now have a mountain of patterns to scan in for FB to format and still have some new yarns to add to the site (which will be tomorrow). For now, we have:

Lots of Snuggly - 2ply (now only available in white, sadly), 3ply (perfect for summer baby shawls), 4ply (and we have a good number of patterns for this and some more coming) and, of course, the really popular DK with loads of patterns and, I think, something like 32 colours currently in stock. More patterns to follow so keep checking as I'll be updating daily.

We also have practially every colour (if not everyone) in the really popular Snowflake Chunky. I understand from several customers that you've been having problems finding this so grab it now before it goes!

As it's summer we have new colours in Luxuty Soft Cotton 4ply and DK. I don't have images for all the new colours yet but am on to Sirdar so keep watching this space. Also new patterns to come!

We are also now stocking Baby Bamboo but I need to input that one on to the site so look out for it tomorrow.

In the midst of all that, I've had major technical troubles. Anyone who's been reading this for a while will know that I'm not Mrs Technical so, when I had a letter from my Broadband supplier saying that they were upgrading my Broadband service which would mean reconfiguring my router, I knew there'd be trouble. It was all supposed to be so easy. Come in this morning, turn on your computer, press Internet Explorer and "this" screen "should" be displayed. Needless to say, "this" screen didn't display on my computer and there were no instructions for what to do under these circumstances. I phoned the helpline number and, amazingly, got a helpful man who talked me through the whole thing (I think he could tell I was clueless when I couldn't find the Serial number on the router).

However, all day we've had problems with the card machine and for about 7 customers we've had to phone through to the Authorisation Centre for an authorisation code. Let me assure you that this is just as embarrassing for us as it is for you.

So, after the shop closed I phoned the card company to see if the problem was with me or them. The long and the short was that the refiguration of my router had completely £*@$%ed up my card machine. An hour later (with a poor lady from India having to phone me back on my mobile as I only have one phone line into the shop) we had then completely refigured my card machine as well. I am now completely refigured, exhaused and bedraggled. When she asked me to unplug the card machine and I was grovelling under the shelves to find the plug I nearly gave the whole thing up.

All appears to be working now and you'll be pleased to hear that I did phone the Broadband provider and told them (very politely) what had occurred and, wouldn't you just know it, apparently I'm the only person this has happened to but they are keeping a record of it for future reference.

I am now going home for a stiff swifty livener and some knitting (all the men are in the gym - bliss).

Tomorrow I'll update you on hen house activities - slightly more complicated than refiguring broadband routers.

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  1. They say computers make your life easier, don't they? I gave up believing that one years ago, together with the paperless office...

    Is it only the Snowflake Chunky that is difficult to get hold of, or the snowflake DK as well? I want to knit that polar bear rug but I have no space in my stash basket so I keep postponing the purchase...