Saturday, 20 June 2009

Knitwits Yarns

A day late again with my blog - apologies - but I have no entered the gorgeous Baby Bamboo on the site - look here. Tracey whipped up a little baby cardigan last night (yes, she really is that quick) and reports that it's lovely to knit with and has really great stitch definition - can't imagine it'll hang around for long. I'll scan and enter patterns next week - entirely baby patterns, I think but it is a standard DK so you can use our yarn convertor and convert your quantities for adults.

In answer to Tinebeest's comment, I've checked the Sirdar website and they now have a range of new colours in Snowflake DK. It's also been re-branded in 25g balls (like the Chunky) and is something I'm sure we'll get in for the autumn/winter - are there loads of others of you out there waiting for it? If so, drop us a comment and we'll see how much interest there is.

You may, or may not, have heard that G&T's school (The Bolitho School in Penzance) has hit the news as we had 9 confirmed cases of swine flu this week. The students (all VIth formers) are making a good recovery and it's reported as being a "mild" strain. I'm now checking the boys for sore throats and fever like a clucky mother hen. G has responded by going to camp at a mate's for the night! You may remember that I had a nasty bug back in mid-May - maybe I had it first!

In chicken news - as promised - little brown hen

front left in this photo

has now gone broody and is sitting on about 6 eggs. Obviously, the 3 original babes (reckoned to be one boy and two girls by our local farmer so we'll see) are in the new run on the lawn and are too small still to move into the big run. Little brown hen has, therefore, been moved into the rabbit hutch in the hen house (I hope you're keeping up there at the back, there'll be an exam on this later). Following on from that move, one of the white girls is now sitting on a clutch in the nesting box so she's been moved in an old guinea pig cage in the hen house. The whole situation is insane - added to which, we're only getting 3 eggs a day, which was definitely not the plan when we bought them.

If little brown girl hatches hers in 3 weeks that'll mean the original babes will be 8 weeks old which is a bit young to be going into the main run but we won't have much choice. If white girl also hatches hers at the same time then the 2 mums and their babes will all be in the run on the lawn together.

If they all have girls we'll be getting a dozen eggs a day next spring and will be egg-bound. If they all have boys, that'll be a lot of coq au vin ...........

FB and T caught tonight's supper again (mackerel and pollock again) - I am very proud!

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