Monday, 22 June 2009

Knitwits Yarns

The animal saga continues - little white hen decided to get up and have a bit of a walk yesterday morning so T assumed she'd gone off the idea of hatching eggs and brought them in for breakfast. Broke one into the pan and - move on to the next paragraph if you're a tiny bit squeamish - you could clearly see the beginnings of a "turn" in the egg, shall we say (being polite). He didn't eat it.

Little white hen is now back sitting on a new clutch and we won't be moving her eggs again until they're hatched. In theory we could have about a dozen babies in about 3 weeks (just at about the time we're planning a few days off camping - wonder what MinL will think?!)

As if hens weren't enough, FB had to rush out mid-supper on Saturday to help a cow which had fallen and done the splits. This is not uncommon in cows (they are, after all, big heavy beasts) but the last time it happened Mrs Cow was distinctly out of sorts and turned on FB and, literally, chased him around the farm. Both he and the farmer were convinced she was going to kill him and, had she got to him, she probably would. Fortunately, FB is quite quick on his feet despite his size(!)

This Mrs Cow (different one), whilst clearly in pain, was more placid and had to be picked up in a digger bucket and then taken up to a field where she could recover and, hopefully, regain her feet. At this point the farmers put chains on their legs so they physically can't do the splits again, which allows the muscles, tendons etc to heal. By yesterday she hadn't got up but had broken her chains - you try and help them and they just don't thank you.

I bet you never knew that you'd learn so much about farming and hens on a kntting blog!

In knitting news, whilst FB was farming I cracked on with TSTTITHOTWE and I've now only got 20 rows to go before I split for the v-neck - oh yes - and (or perhaps that should be "but") I've just been phoned to say the rest of the beads for my beaded gorgeousness:

are now in stock in the bead shop. I have a dilemma: do I

a) go and collect the beads, thereby putting the likelihood of finishing the STTITHOTWE in jeaporday for at least a couple of months; or

b) ignore the call of the beads and crack on with the STTITHOTWE;

or c) collect the beads and then try and ignore them - yeah, right, ha, ha.

Oh these knitterly decisions.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the Snow Flake situation!

    Also, I really enjoy reading about the little (and now also big) animals' stories.

    Go and get the beads, and make the STTITHOTWE really the slowest, with a decent winning margin ;-) You know you want to!