Monday, 15 June 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Sadly, Daphne (the pigeon) died - Deidre is in disgrace.

My men went and did their hunter/gatherer "thing" on Saturday afternoon and came home with this:

G with 3 mackerel and a pollock (which is supposed to be called something else now but is still a pollock in my house).


which was rapidly converted into this:

Absolutely delicious!

I do love a free meal in these straightened times. I say "free" but, in reality, they actually cost the price of the outboard engine that FB bought for our little boat (which we've got on long term loan from friends so at least that bit was free). It'll take quite a few more meals to cover the cost (as I keep reminding FB) but let's just say, it's a start - and it was delicious! And, more to the point, it gives them another hobby which leaves me at home to knit (or, in fact, do paperwork - which is what I was doing yesterday).

However .... the STTITHOTWE has grown! Oh, yes - finished the front rib and 2 pattern repeats of the colours - I'm on a roll!

The chickens have also grown. Here's an "aaagh" moment for you:

Five weeks old and already abandoned by their Mum.

Altogether now ........... aaaagh.

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