Thursday, 3 March 2011

To Lincoln and Beyond

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I mentioned we were off on a long car journey and we did, indeed, go all the way to Lincoln. Penzance is a long way from anywhere but it's a heck of a long way from Lincoln. We shared the driving and I knitted a sock so, in theory, it's a sock to Lincoln and a sock home - if one was so inclined. Stupidly, I've now displayed said sock in the shop without photographing it. I'll remedy that asap. We did, however, manage some (although pathetically few) pics of Lincoln - mostly in the dark to and from restaurants:

Lincoln Cathedral is a truly spectacular building and (for the record) I once read the Lesson in there!:

On the first night we ate at the top of Steep Hill - it's not called that for nothing:

On Saturday we went to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre and saw one of the last few remaining Lancaster bombers - boy are they big! And they seem so basic to have had such a major impact on the last World War. It's hard to get an idea of the true size of these beasts but here is T standing in front of her (for she is a "she"):

It was a fascinating place and I learnt about Operation Manna at the end of WWII when the Allies (still under strict rationing) dropped 11,000 tons of food to the starving in Holland, with the agreement of the German occupying forces. I'd never heard of Operation Manna before - truly astonishing.

Afterwards there was a certain rugby match to watch (in the University bar) followed by the compulsory curry! (Thank God we won)

Throughout we were accompanied by FB's baby sister, who is studying for her MA at Lincoln University. It's always slightly astonishing when someone you remember being born turns out to be rather brilliant (she got a First), rather beautiful, annoyingly skinny and doing an MA! Here she is with the boys (her nephews!!):

(Why are these kind of photos always taken next to cars just as you're about to leave?!)

NEW YARN on the site is James Brett's new, fabulous Monsoon. Aran weight, 30% wool and, colourwise, a cross between Rico Poems and Noro - this is going to be incredibly popular and is selling well. Buy now or put on your list of "must do" projects! It knits as a standard Aran but there are some fab patterns too:

We've also had a delivery of Katia Rizos scarf yarn! This is going fast, fast, fast so buy now to truly avoid disappointment. This yarn, like Can Can, has been ordered for months and finally made it in to stock - heaven knows when it'll be back:

Tonight I'm starting a new shawl - yes, I know I'm supposed to be finishing things (second sock, blanket, Angel cardigan) but this new shawl is calling and will not be delayed.

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