Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More New Things

Knitwits Yarns

New summer yarns continue to arrive apace so, clearly, my yarn buying embargo has come to a swift end! Mainly because - in my own defence - we desperately needed some new cotton and other summer stuff as the incredibly popular Stylecraft Kon Tiki has been discontinued and there is something of a worldwide cotton crisis so I though I'd better get some in early before all the cotton disappears to China (which is, apparently, where it's all headed). We decided, in true Knit Wits style, that if you're going to have a cotton you should have a really good quality one so we've now got in stock Memphis from Adriafil. It's pure Egyptian cotton and has a lovely feel - soft but crisp - and is going to knit up fantastically - I just know it. Also comes in a huge array of colours - we have 15. Here is the full pic of them all:

In fact, not them all as there are clearly some lurking in the background. Click here for the full page.

Noro have also brought out a new cotton rich DK yarn (yay - most Noro yarns are Aran or 4ply) called Aya. As you'd expect from Noro, the colours are fantastic and it's a really beautiful yarn and, being 55% cotton 35% silk and 15% wool, perfect for summer garments:

And, finally for now, we have the new Giada from Adrifail. This is a cotton rich DK yarn with tiny, little sequins woven into the yarn as well to give a subtle sparkle and shimmer. This is the yarn I've been rattling off a shawl in and the shawl is now finished so I just need to photograph it and get the pattern written up and it'll be a free pattern with 3 balls purchased (shawl for just under £20.00 - not bad!) and it would be perfect for summer weddings:

Today I started sock number 2 at the hairdresser waiting for my highlights to highlight - think the other women there though I was one sandwich short of a picnic - either that or they were wishing they'd brought their knitting too?!

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