Monday, 14 March 2011

Knitting and Painting

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So I started on the bathroom yesterday and - as is my wont - have quickly become obsessed with the idea of painting every surface. Have no doubt this will wear off in time but, so far, have tidied out one bathroom cabinet (one whole sack of rubbish - very satisfying) (one more to do when furniture goes back in), sanded all the loose and flaking paint (realised that the builders didn't bother to seal the plaster - note to builders - if you don't seal plaster in a bathroom, after about 9 years the paint will start to flake and will be really, really flakey when homeowner finally decides to do something about it 3 years later), sealed the plaster, washed down all surfaces (simultaneously horrifying myself about the depth of filth behind bathroom cabinets), applied first coat of paint to radiator and woodwork.

Also sealed plaster around velux windows fitted in other bathrooms c 10 years ago. (We have friends visiting at Easter who may well pass out on discovering the plaster around these Velux's [is the plural of Velux, Veluxii?] is now painted - it's been a topic of conversation every Easter for the past 6 or 7 years.)

This morning I applied first coat of white "Kitchen and Bathroom" paint (for extra washability) to sealed plaster areas.

Tonight I plan to apply first "proper" coat to bathroom walls and ceilings and (time permitting) to areas around the Veluxii.

Am pleased to report that painting, decorating and generally getting organised is catching. FB has just informed me that he's putting the side back on our bath e'en as I type - it's been off and gently leaning against the bath struts for about - 00h - 8 years (or, in fact, from the time when we had the new shower fitted when we moved the kitchen [which was 8 years ago]).

T has also started tidying his bedroom. The tidy half is now referred to as "Switzerland", the untidy half is "Afghanistan". There was a bit of a ruckus at the border yesterday when an electric guitar, its case and cable went from Switzerland to Afghanistan mode but order was later resumed without bloodshed or the need for tear gas.

One day my entire house will be "Switzerland" - if only for one minute when I've locked all the men and cats outside.

Knitting has been restricted - painting and knitting is a physical impossibility - but managed one row of smocking on blanket (yes, I'm smocking a blanket and it's really quite pretty) and half turned a heel on a sock in front of the goggle box last night. No goggle box tonight = no knitting.

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  1. The correct pluralisation of Velux is Veluces, however most people including Velux employees use "Veluxes" or worse yet... "Velux's".

    The reason being that the word Velux comes from the latin "lūx" ("light") and its plural "lūcēs" ("lights"), which gives us a plural of Veluces.