Monday, 21 March 2011

Decorating is Progressing!

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Have just realised it's been exactly one week since my last entry - shame on me - apologies - decorating is time consuming and is progressing.

One week on I have finished all bathrooms and am eagerly awaiting new bathroom floor on Friday.

Yesterday I started on the sitting room which initially involved sorting the boys' bookcase on the landing in order to move books from sitting room (where the book situation is getting beyond a joke) to the landing. The M-in-L is away on holiday but doing a charity car boot on her return so will come home to find one very large box of books in her spare room. Going through the boys books is like going through their history - quite emotional at times - couldn't bring myself to chuck out some of their books but have cleared 3 shelves.

Knitting is progressing slowly - blanket is slowly getting smocked. Sock is slowly growing. You get the picture.

I've now organised the dates for our next "Learn to Knit" nights to coincide with the start of the summer term. Details are on the website - here. If you would like any more details or, indeed, would like to book just email me at or ring in on (01736) 367069 or pop into the shop! The format is the same as the last one, ie we start by learning to cast on (there are a myriad of different methods), then knit a garter stitch scarf, then knit a stocking stitch shrug (with pattern reading thrown in) and, finally, a cabled bag made from Cornish Organic Wool. The class is very laid back and relaxed but you learn a lot. On occasions the last class was just silent in deep concentration! If you've every wanted to knit - now's your chance!

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