Saturday, 5 March 2011

Knitted Chairs Anyone?

Knitwits Yarns

One of my new knitters from the autumn knitting class - Helen - has pointed me in the direction if Knitted Chairs! You too could produce such masterpieces as Olivia:



and my personal favourites - Pip and Pen:

All of these glorious chairs can be found at Melanie Melanie does all the knitting herself so is clearly one talented lady. I'm starting to look at my clapped out recliner in a whole new light .................... - although FB may well kill me if I suggest the idea (!)

Helen - who pointed us in the direction of knitted furniture has a blogsite here - - and if you go to Feb 25th you'll see her first ever knitted sock - c/o our knitting class. We're waiting for the second sock, Helen!

We have new colours in Marble Chunky and Marble DK and they would make fantastic chair covers! New chunky:

and new DK:

My shawl is coming on apace - watch this space!

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