Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More New Loveliness

Knitwits Yarns

Not content with bringing out her fabulous "Angel" this year, Debbie Bliss has also brought out a new DK cotton with a little bit of silk and cashmere blended in to give it extra softness and sheen - what a simply fantastically luxurious combination! Bella comes in a range of colours (sadly not all delivered to us yet but enough to seriously tempt, nay, force us into spending) and a pattern book to accompany it. It's also a pretty near standard DK so can be knitted to any of your favourite DK patterns.

I particularly like this bolero (with or without flower):

and there are some pretty classy cables going on in this little number:

You can't really see them in that picture as the model is sitting down but the cables in the rib twist up to merge seamlessly into the cables of the body - I like that kind of detail. (I actually chose this picture as it's the only one in which the model is smiling - why, oh why, do they make the models look so glum/enigmatic - do they really think we won't buy the yarn if she's looking happy?! - this could be a good dissertation topic if one was so inclined).

Finally I bring you a little pic from Tracey's daughter - who knew exactly what to do with the ends from the f*****g fairisle. I think the one on the left is looking particularly sad - perhaps he wanted to remain part of the finished item and not be snipped off into oblivion:

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