Monday, 7 February 2011

Sock and More Socks

Knitwits Yarns

We've had a delivery of the most lovely merino/bamboo sock wool in for spring/summer socks. The bamboo makes it incredibly soft and gives it a slight sheen as well - I can feel a pair for FB coming on (he always complains I never knit socks for him!). Colours are great too:

It's from the same company that makes Can Can (Rico) so is good quality and a good price too (£7.09).

Talking of Can Can, we've had one new colour in (I told you it was coming in dribs and drabs) and it's going out fast (so fast we nearly didn't get it on the site in time!). Grab this one quick if you want a ball:

We've also had one more colour in of the Poems:

This is the colour that this jacket is done in:

so I'm thinking it's going to be incredibly popular.

This weekend we had some dear friends down so I've come back to work for a rest! I had to be up at the crack on Saturday to take G to Truro so he could spend a happy day yomping on Dartmoor. When I got home the house was silent as hangovers were being slept off so I managed to catch up on some work (there are some advantages to not being much of a drinker!) before large breakfasts were supplied. We then set off for a head-clearing walk to our favourite pub over the moor and left rather later than planned for the route-march home. Last time we did this walk it looked like this:

On Saturday it looked like this:

and this: (that's a mine head looming in the background through the mist)

Incredibly atmospheric but very wet and dark!

What I hadn't realised was that they (FB + friends) had all agreed (when I'd gone to the loo) to have another drink and get a taxi home. I bounded out and got them all going (thinking they were joking) but I'm not sure now that they were. Not sure, also, if they've forgiven me yet!

Yesterday, I sat and finished a tea cosy which I've been meaning to knit for ages and ages but was finally pushed into when I was asked to produce a pattern for a forthcoming book and, specifically, something "homeware" if I could manage it. I could. And it's done apart from the finishing touches. Photos forthwith.

Tonight I feel a teddy coming on ...........

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