Friday, 4 February 2011

Socks in The People's Friend Magazine

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The People's Friend is an extraordinary magazine - it's produced in Scotland and has been running since 1869 and it's current weekly circulation is somewhere in region of 306,000 copies. That means it's way ahead of other well known magazines such as Prima (288,000), Bella (253,000) and Grazia (229,000). The extraordinary thing is that it's such a nice magazine - designed for ladies of a certain age with nice stories with happy endings, recipes, letters and, critically for us, a knitting or sewing pattern every week. If you've never looked at it then do check it out as they have some really lovely knitting patterns - some not so lovely but, as with everything, every now and then you get a gem.

A couple of years ago we had the pattern for this in The People's Friend:

the, now, infamous Loopy Sheep tea cosy (still available if you're interested!) and we sold over 100 skeins of wool to enthusiastic knitters.

This week, we're in again! And this time it's with my first ever sock pattern!:

and, yes, those are my legs and feet (pleased to say they chopped off most of my legs in the magazine) and, yes, this is the actual picture that appears in the magazine!

The wool is Cornish Organic 4ply, colour Sennen, hand dyed by FB himself. After six weeks the pattern is available for general release but, until then, it's available exclusively in The People's Friend, issue no 7353 which, at only 85p per issue, is jolly good value for a knitting pattern!!

I'm thinking, possibly, a good old fashioned tea cosy next ................

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  1. They look pretty!

    And yes, 85p is no money. I never even realised the magazine existed but it sounds like the sort of thing to make you feel better about the world and the people in it after a bad day :-)

    I really must get some pics up of my Sennen socks on my ravelry account. I knit them up in Cookie A.'s Monkey pattern and they look lovely. (somebody get me a digital camera please!)