Tuesday, 22 February 2011


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Today I've spent most of my time putting Debbie Bliss's new, gorgeous yarn on the site. It's called Angel and is a kid mohair/silk blend (very, very similar to Rowan Kidsilk haze - but cheaper - [not sure I'm supposed to say that but, there you go, I've said it]).

It comes in a massive range of colours:

and - as with all of these types of yarns - it goes one heck of a long way (200m in 25g) so your average requirement is about 3 balls - £7.95 per ball - £24.00 for a top - that's not bad at all. And some of the patterns are just gorgeous. Here's a brief selection:

and the ones that makes everyone go "oooooooooooooh":

For the first time ever I've put Debbie's latest magazine on the site as a book as well as a magazine as it has 8 Angel patterns in it - the same number as are in her book so I am, therefore, doubling the number of patterns available to you for this yarn. [Please feel free to thank me for this act of kindness - it doubled my workload but, you know, nothing is too much work for you knitters out there.]

As I've mentioned before, I was generously given some of this yarn free to knit a sample but I'm being good and still "finishing things". I'm onto the blanket now and making steady progress - there must be something in the water as it's been in my basket waiting to be finished for about 4 months now and I've got the finishitis bug good and proper. Even free balls of Angel aren't detracting me from my course (well, actually, they did detract me for quite a bit of Sunday but I'm now back on the straight and narrow).

Going on long car journeys this weekend - can feel a sock coming on ....

G had his stitches out today. Still very sore. Some gory pictures available if anyone wants to see them ..........................??!

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