Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rather Random

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Yesterday I had to take some pictures of a project Tracey is knitting for a customer - about which I'll blog another day - it's been the nightmare commission of all time and a letter is being constructed to the designer (with accompanying photographs) - she'll be truly thrilled when she gets it!

On the camera FB found other pics which he thought might entertain. Firstly, whilst in Liverpool 10 days ago (feels like a lifetime ago) we found our hotel room overlooked this:

a slightly smaller version of the London one. We swore (on Friday night whilst full of enthusiasm) that we'd go up on it on Sunday morning before we left. By Sunday morning we were exhausted and the fog/sea mist had arrived so we abandoned the idea and this is all we have of the Liverpool Eye.

Then FB found this rather fetching pic of me:

taken by him as it amused him that our office is so cold I do paperwork in full Cornish gansey (there was, in fact, a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino sweater on underneath as well) plus scarf and hat. I'm rather disappointed to see that I'd taken my fingerless mittens off at this point.

And thirdly there is this little ball of cuteness:

This is Deidre (who is a boy) who must have some dreadful insecurity complex (possibly as a result of being abandoned by his mother when he was just 6 weeks old or possibly because he's called Deidre and turned out to be boy) as he will always try and sleep on something belonging to one of us - coat, hat, abandoned t-shirt - you'll always find him sleeping on something. In sheer desperation this morning he tucked himself into the back of T's guitar case and wedged himself behind the carrying strap. Just next to him you can see T's rugby tie. I looked around the sitting room and, most unusually, there were no abandoned pieces of clothing to be seen so he'd settled on the only other thing he could find.

All together now - aaaaaaaaaaagh!

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