Monday, 8 February 2010

Proud Mother and Other Miscellany

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Obviously all mothers think their children are wonderful and - indeed - most of them are but, as a rule, most of us try not to show off about our little darlings too much - even though we might be dying to. The next paragraph is going to be unashamed crowing about eldest son - G - so if you loathe that kind of thing, scroll down to the knitting bit.

Apart from walking, G has always been a slow developer - didn't lose a tooth until he was 8 but walked at 10 months - you get the picture. He's always been incredibly enthusiastic but smaller than everyone else which is difficult when you're keen on rugby and all the other lads are at least 6" taller than you, ditto running and, indeed, most other sports. G entered his first cross country race at about the age of 8 and came 44th. He was happy and so were we. FB always used to say, "it'll come". And, indeed, it did. Two weeks ago he was put forward to run in a cross country race at Truro. He diddled and daddled as to whether to go and, in the end, got a lift up with a mate. He won the bronze medal and last Friday, he was selected for the Cornwall Cross Country Running Team. When his PE teachers told him he was so shocked he could hardly speak for the rest of the day. That's why we're so proud - G just quietly gets on with it - trains hard, works hard and very gradually it's all coming to him. His race is in three weeks, his PE teacher has given him a two week training schedule because he knows G will do it. He won't win, he more than likely won't get placed but he's been selected - and we are unbelievably proud.

To knitting:

Four new colours of Mirage on the site. Mirage is a fantastic yarn - really soft and an amazing yardage - one of those yarns you just can't have too many colours of so these are a great addition to the range. Check them out here.

Also a new colour in Azteca. I always rave about Azteca as it's so gorgeous but I'm yet to knit anything in it - I am remaining resolutely faithful to The Cornish Gansey - you can be very proud of me - almost down to the rib of the first sleeve - progress indeed. But I digress - Azteca here:

T went out shooting last night and I now have a dead rabbit in the understairs cupboard (doesn't everyone?) - anyone got a good rabbit recipe? If so, please email it to me - T is a very keen hunter/gatherer but I've yet to find a rabbit recipe he likes, which kind of defeats the object.

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