Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Knitting for Teenage Boys

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Eldest son (G) is in the throes of the ghastly GCSE's and will be joining the VIth form in September. He has a trial day tomorrow when they're allowed to wear "smart casual" clothes as opposed to uniform. This, obviously, has led to a debate along the lines of "what the *@%$"* am I going to wear". His father has lent him a rather large sweater and a rather smart tie so he's all set but then the immortal line came up last night:

(This could do with a fanfare really):

"Mum, you'd better start knitting me a blue v-neck sweater for VIth form".

Can we all just put the kettle on, sit down quietly with a cup of tea (or coffee) and possibly a chockie bikkie and take a few quiet moments to enjoy that sentence. A 16 (nearly 17) year old young man has asked his Mother to knit him a sweater. I haven't knitted him a sweater since he was about 4 and it had Noddy on the front (T's had Big Ears, just for the record).

But now, of course, I'm in a sweat - it should, obviously, be Cornish Organic but the VIth form centre is quite hot and he might boil and take it off and lose it and I would cry a lot. On top of which, Cornish Organic is hand wash only - wise for a 17 year old? Possibly not. OK - so, possibly Life DK - good, hard wearing, 25% wool, machine wash and tumble dry - practical, a very good yarn but he might love something a bit softer? Stylecraft Luxury Pure Merino DK - gorgeous, soft, warm, machine wash but no tumble dry (that's OK, I have an Aga). Maybe I should knit all 3. Oh lord, what does the owner of a wool shop use to knit her son a sweater - which he's asked for?

Whilst we all ponder that one, I can tell you that we had a Katia delivery today so loads more lovely, fantastic, incredibly popular Azteca - trust me, you all have to try this wool - it's to die for!

One new colour has come in as well so I'll let you know when that's on the site.

Also more Surprise:

Tonight I will be mostly knitting my Gansey and dreaming of navy blue wool for a teenager.

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