Monday, 1 February 2010

Project Update (and Chickens)

Knitwits Yarns

I had a very good (and rather late) night out last night - I wore this:

which is the Colinette Tagliatelle I finished last week. I love it - although I must say that no-one commented about it last night - either they're so used to me wearing hand-knits now that they don't bother or, perhaps, it looked so gorgeous they couldn't believe I'd made it so didn't want to embarrass me - yes, that'll be it, won't it?

We do have some of this yarn left and some patterns books but they're not on the site so if you want to knit one please give us a ring on (01736) 367069 and we can sort you out.

Whilst modelling the chickens, and Deidre, came to see what was going on:

As you can see - the flock has grown and so have the little bundles of feathers. The big black one third from the left is Bernard - big Daddy! The little brown one at the front is the little one who had 7 chicks last summer and she is the fiercest little chicken you've every met - none of the big ones mess with her - she was an absolutely brilliant Mum and wouldn't leave her babies for weeks.

The guinea pig and chickens always have a chat. Note very beautiful cockerel on the back right - he was too beautiful (and, being merciless, too small) for the pot - saved by his size!

I also tried on TCG. TCG is progressing apace and I've now got the stitches on just 4 dpn's and it's becoming quite addictive knitting - round and round and round going nowhere. The joy of the Cornish Gansey design is that you can try it on as you're going. FB thinks this is barking but here you are - the front:

I will admit that the sleeve is slightly looser than I expected but I'm going to be putting ribbing on the end so it should be fine. Obviously that last little bit of arm is going to take a lot longer than it looks but I've definitely made progress from last week. I give you the back:

I think it's going to be OK and it's certainly going to be really, really warm. Guess what I'm doing tonight .................

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  1. Ok, I'll give you a comment on that top then: "Oooh, that's nice! Did you make that yourself? Really lovely, suits you!"

    The gansey looks good too, btw. Can't wait to see the finished product!