Thursday, 11 February 2010

It's So Cold!

Knitwits Yarns

As you know by now, I come to work on my trusty bicyclette. Down hill on the way. Up hill on the way home. In the current arctic conditions I have 6 - yes, 6 - layers on for the ride down the hill:

1. Long sleeved thermal vest
2. Long sleeved t-shirt
3. Fine pure wool sweater (not hand made, sorry)
4. Thicker pure wool sweater (made by me)
5. Pure wool jacket
6. High viz jacket (pink)

Three pairs of gloves:

1. Thin plastic ones (usually used for emptying the cats' dirt box)
2. "Proper" cycling gloves
3. Peruk (75% Cornish Organic Wool/25% alpaca) fingerless mittens with flaps knitted by me.

One scarf (woven, mostly pure wool, by me).

Despite all of this, I am still cold. I arrive in town unable to operate the bike lock properly or operate the keys in the shop door. I am a knitter but even I am getting fed up with this - and we don't have more snow, yet - unlike some of you.

Next year I will have The Cornish Gansey to wear (update tomorrow) and it'll probably be unusually warm. For now - whoever the Weather God is - please, give us a break. I, for one (and I suspect I speak for many) have HAD ENOUGH.

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  1. I've had enough too! It's been even worse here upcountry, and I am looking forward to a little break next week in Cornwall. I hope you have booked some sunshine and warmer weather for my stay :-)