Monday, 15 February 2010

My Weekend

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We had friends to stay for the weekend which is simultaneously wonderful and great fun and totally exhausting. Our home is not exactly what you'd call a "show" home. We don't have one whole end, storey or even wing left empty for the arrival of guests. We fill every corner of our abode so when 4 friends descend there is a general mass panic and huge amount of organisation to be done.

G has to move out of his room and the (2) beds are changed and made ready. This, obviously, involves finding sheets that vaguely resemble each other and can pass off as a match and towels that aren't ex-rugby ones and aren't more hole than towel.

We then have to squeeze 3 boys (teenagers at that) into T's room which initially involves removing the entire contents of T's wardrobe from their normal resting place on the floor in to the drawers and wardrobe they were originally intended for when I washed them (why do I bother? - answers on a postcard, please). We then have to arrange the 3 beds in such a manner as the 3 boys can get into them without walking all over each other and, again, find sheets and duvets that vaguely match.

Needless to say, the light outside the airing cupboard has broken and, apparently, it's a bigger job than just changing the bulb so I could be found on Friday afternoon, grovelling in the cupboard with a head-torch on trying to find approximately matching linen.

We had a great time but not a single stitch was knitted. For obvious reasons I have decided against any "Knitting Olympics" this year - Ravelry and Yarn Harlot are organsing them for those who feel the need - even I acknowledge that I don't really need any more stress.

However - we do have a Gansey update:

That, my friends, is a Gansey with one whole sleeve completed - oh, yes.

On Saturday we took the GCSE students amongst us (that's 3 of them, George is now progressing towards A levels) to see some living, breathing geography:

That is Loe Bar on the Lizard Peninsula. The water on the left is a freshwater lake, on the right is the sea. Caused by longshore drift and all that kind of stuff .......... remember all that geography?

This is us.

Tonight I aim to cast on TCG second sleeve ................ but, I may just fall asleep.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I don't know what the longshore drift is, but I know Loe Bar is around mile 4 of the An Resek Hellys 10 miler, and running on sand is lethal!

    Well done on the gansey, that's looking very very good. Can't wait to cast on for mine!

    And why you bother? Coz you love 'em, that's why! :-)