Thursday, 4 February 2010

Knitwits Yarns

Tomorrow (Friday) is paperwork day. In a kind of sad, anal way I quite enjoy Fridays. I get myself settled in the office, if I'm lucky I have it to myself, if not and FB is there we argue over the computer all day - I know we should have one each but the logistics of the office space don't work when you consider that the office also doubles as a gym for part of each day and there's all sorts of evil weight training and rowing machine "stuff" in there which I don't even pretend to understand - in the same way that they don't understand my growing mountain of knitting magazines - and I then plough through the in-tray, the emails, the weekly shop accounts and tomorrow (great happiness) I start on the End of Year Accounts (note use of capitals) for Cornish Organic.

This has aerated FB somewhat as he has to give me a stock valuation - and he is suffering from high blood pressure so we all need to remain calm.

Oh, yes - I'm in for a really fun day tomorrow.

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