Sunday, 22 February 2009

Well Birmingham was great - probably the best Trade Show we've ever been to - smaller than in previous years but loads of interesting people to talk to and catch up with. These shows are a great way to meet other yarn producers and, crucially, other wool shop owners. It's a chance to catch up on what's selling and what's not, new trends, new suppliers etc, etc - and, of course, sell Cornish Organic Wool! Not sure if it's due to the "crunch" or what but we definitely had more shops looking for British wool - be it organic or not - and, as we produce wool made entirely in the UK, they came to us.

If anyone's reading this who was at the show, it was great to meet you all and thanks for all the encouragement!

Back to earth with a bump and the mountains of jobs and paperwork that seem to accumulate when you go away for just a few days - where does it all come from and what happened to the "paperless" society we were all supposed to be enjoying in the computer age - answers in a comment or email please - no postcards!

Yesterday I managed to upload all the needles on to the site - look under accessories - we have long, short, circular, dpn's and bamboo - you name it, we've got it or can get it! I also started uploading buttons - which I know are hard to find for many. The button range will get bigger and better - we have hundreds in the shop and I have a whole load to upload this week - so keep checking them out - also under "accessories". After that, I have some new patterns, books and yarns to add so look out for them too.

This afternoon I am planning a walk - up on to the top above my house with far reaching views across Mount's Bay - if the visibility is good I'll take photos so you can see some of this spectacular part of the world - I'm really lucky, I know I am.

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