Thursday, 12 February 2009

Tomorrow I leave you for a few days as I head north to Birmingham. Please don't mock me by asking if I'm ready and organised for the show - if I was ready and organised I wouldn't still be in the shop at 7.50pm packing garments and mannequins, now would I? I have never been more "unready" for a show in my life. For this I will blame (in no particular order) this web site.

Tomorrow in the car I will be knotting small lengths of wool through holes in pieces of card to make shade cards - this is what you do when you're self-employed! Big yarn companies get big machines in other companies to make shade cards - us? - well, we do it in the car travelling north out of Cornwall. At about Bodmin I will probably fall asleep (ever since giving birth to eldest son [now 15] any car, boat or plane journey of any length of time has become the ideal time to sleep - I now carry a pillow in the car to avoid a cricked neck). I will probably awake - dribbling - at about Bristol and will continue the knotting. If there are any yarn shop owners coming to the show, please do come and see us on the Cornish Organic Wool stand - and if I give you a shade card, please treasure it!

Very exciting news earlier today - big drum roll - the March issue of Let's Knit magazine dropped on my doorstep today (I subscribe so it'll be in all good newsagents soon) and the front cover has a Cornish Organic Wool Peruk jacket on it!! Our first front cover - very, very thrilling. It was commissioned by Let's Knit and designed by Tina Barrett (who also lives in Cornwall and designs for us) and it's really pretty.

I've been trying to insert a photo here but it appears my blogging skills still only run to words at the moment - sorry - I'll try and get FB to put something in here:

Front Cover and inside picture in Let's Knit Magazine

As you can see - FB's computer skills are greater than mine - but he can't knit - yet.

I now have to pack and FB has to squeeze everything into the car. We have giant knitting needles on the roof of the car so if anyone sees a car with "Cornish Organic Wool" down the sides and huge needles on the roof, travelling between Cornwall and Birmingham, give us a wave or - even better - wave your knitting at us - assuming you're not driving.

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  1. Blast from the Past25 February 2009 at 08:19

    Wow, Julia...just found your website and blog by things have changed since I knew you 20+ years ago in Cambridge. Good on you anyway...being an entrepreneur is definitely good for your health...if not your wealth!