Monday, 9 February 2009

I am now (almost) back in the land of the living but realised - with an unpleasant start - yesterday that I have to be in Birmingham on Friday for a three trade show - this time wearing my Cornish Organic Hat.

For those of you who didn't realise, FB and I also own Cornish Organic Wool Ltd - check us out at The annual trade show is at the NEC and is the place for wool shops and other retailers to see what's available on the market. Now, I have nothing against Birmingham and the NEC per se but, right now, I'd rather be at home catching up on all the things I haven't done over the past month or so - like sleeping and, possibly, downing a G&T (or two) and - heaven forfend - spending time with my children. After some deep breathing I pulled myself together and passed the happy news on to FB - who uttered some unrepeatable oaths and practiced deep breathing himself. For some reason we'd both thought it was at least another week away - must be something to do with time flying?!

Today I have mostly spent time doing paperwork and fixing the computer - or, more precisely, persuading the computer and printer to communicate with each other - why do they one day and then don't the next day - is it me?

One day - as this is a wool shop - I will talk about knitting but I'm going to have to leave you with a confession .. you may need to be sitting down at this point. OK? Sitting down? Deep breath ... I haven't knitted a stitch since before Christmas. Everyone stay calm. I know - it's unthinkable. Somehow the days have just been and gone. And - reeling from that bombshell - I will now leave you - do some knitting for me, will you?

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