Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Patterns

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I have now emerged from the darkened room in which I lay for a couple of days following the grand completion of "the lace" (ok - so it was a metaphorical darkened room but you get the gist). And isn't it strange how quickly ones fingers start to itch and how soon one moves on to the next project? FB can't understand how I feel the need to knit one item, let alone one after the other.

The next project - in total contrast to "the lace" - is over half way done already! It was helped along by a very quiet Mother's Day afternoon when I was left to my own devices whilst FB cooked and - lo - I was casting off the back. There are no sleeves. This is good progress indeed.

Note to self: DK projects without sleeves are good.

I have also managed to update some new patterns onto the site. Remember the new Cotton Soft and Cotton Soft Prints we had from Rico?:

well, they now have patterns. Sheet patterns for ladies in the plain colours (which could also be knitted in prints, of course):

I'm thinking of knitting this one (no sleeves!):

and a gorgeous book of patterns for babies in both the plain and print colours:

There is also one pattern in Micro Print (although this is flying out of the shop to be used with everyone's favourite DK patterns at home). This jacket is lovely:

and is one of those circular ones that has an amazing back (although Rico's picture of the back doesn't really do it justice):

Finally, for now, we had a HUGE delivery in from James Brett yesterday so we are fully stocked with Baby Marble, Baby Magi Knit, Marble (both Chunky and DK), Monsoon (which has been impossible for us to get hold of for ages so buy now to avoid disappointment!), Passion, Rustic Aran, Twinkle and Woodlander and patterns. In addition, there are new colours in Twinkle and new patterns to follow PLUS a whole NEW pure merino DK yarn.

Now, don't tell me I don't spoil you! FB has photographed all the new things today and they'll be on the site tomorrow when he's formatted them.

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