Monday, 26 March 2012

I've had a weekend!

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Given that my weekend is only one day - I've had quite a weekend!

After work on Saturday FB and I went over to St Just and saw a really excellent band called "Flats and Sharps". They're only young (18 and 19) and they play bluegrass, which I didn't really think was my "thing" - but they were brilliant! Just a pity the event wasn't better attended but - hey - those of us who were there had a good time!

At 1am (2am "new" time) the boys came home from an evening with mates - 3 of their mates came too and they were all fine except for T who came into our room to announce that he thought he'd better go to Casualty in the morning as his hand was sore and swollen (he'd been playing rugby in the afternoon - say no more). We looked at it and agreed that, indeed, it was swollen and bruised and sent him to bed.

At about 3am I remembered that he was/is going to France tomorrow (Tuesday) to work as a teaching assistant for a week.

We were in Casualty by about 10.30 and - lo - he has broken a bone in his hand, not once but twice. He is now going to France in a plaster cast and the moment he returns from France he's off to the Fracture Clinic to see if they need to operate.

He will be in a cast for about 6 weeks, during which time we are going on a University visit to Scotland and - in exactly 6 weeks - he's doing the 55 mile Ten Tors event.


In better news - I finished another knitting project - I told you this one was quicker. It's in the eternally popular Bamboo Cotton from King Cole and is done in one of the new "Prints" colours:

I wasn't sure I liked the way the colours "pooled" but now it's done I really like it. The reverse stocking stitch on the yoke just add a bit of detail - as do the sleeves:

We photographed this in the garden this morning (hasn't this weekend's weather been glorious) and Deidre came to help - by climbing into the gardening sack:

he loves boxes and bags - if the boys leave a gym bag or a book bag open he'll be in there in a flash - must make him feel secure.

I've now got the lace bug because tonight I start this:

in blue.

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