Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More New Patterns

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In the excitement of my finished t-shirt yesterday, I forgot to mention the NEW PATTERNS on the site! These are all from James Brett and there are 2 lots - 6 new patterns in Rustic Aran and 6 in Twinkle.

The Rustic Aran are - as the name suggests - Aran patterns with traditional cables but with a twist. I particularly like this:

and this:

and I'm very tempted by this (I've never knitted a dress before):

Sparkle is very much "on trend" and there are 7 new patterns in Twinkle, including 4 hat, glove and scarf sets, and this cardigan:

this wrap cardigan:

and - as an example - this hat, scarf and glove combo:

I started knitting the Jenny Watson Merino last night and it is GORGEOUS! It's so light and springy and has really fantastic stitch definition - definitely a winner.

T left for France this morning .... he missed the College bus as getting up on time, sorting his books for the day, finishing packing and getting dressed with one arm was too much to manage - despite the fact that he swore blind he was "ready" last night!

His parting comment to me was, "look on the bright side Mum - you've got a whole week without me"!!

I just feel sorry for the poor French family who are eagerly awaiting his arrival tomorrow!!

On the plus side -by the time he returns, the house will be tidy!

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