Saturday, 31 March 2012

Conversations Over Knitting

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Back in the autumn you may remember that I had a blissful weekend at the Exeter Stitches show, knitting, talking about knitting, teaching knitting and - on a personal note - spending a very quiet night away in a hotel with me, my knitting and a good book - as the only woman in a house full of men, it was heaven.

Well the two amazingly wonderful and seriously bonkers ladies I was with (Ruth and Belinda) {bonkers in the nicest possible way, of course} have asked me to enlist your help in their "Conversations Over Knitting" project.

The essence of this is that you knit a square in cream (it must be cream) and then attach a little tag to your knitting with your thoughts as you are knitting.

So - it got me thinking about what I think about as I'm knitting. At the moment I'm knitting lace so I'm pretty much caught up in yrn overs and pssovers (and even a P2togtbl at one point {which is a pesky little blighter if ever there was one}). At other times I might write shopping lists in my head or - more often - remember all the things I've forgotten to do that day.

However - some of you may have more interesting thoughts than me so why don't you become part of the project? Knit a little square:

download a little tag from here, get your thoughts down and send them to Ruth and Belinda and become a living part of this project.

At the recent ICHF show at Birmingham NEC the wall looked like this:

The blocks will be touring as an exhibition with all our comments on them as a testimony to hand knitting and hand knitters.

You can link to Ruth and Belinda's website here - and here are the ladies themselves in front of their wall of knitted squares:

As summer now appears to be over, what have you got to lose?!

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  1. Hi Hi - :0) - you are a sweetie. And we are receiving blocks every day. All are fabulous; some writing about their life, death :0(, recovering, birthing and of course there is frivolity and silliness, wisdom and anecdotes. Here is the link to the tag - apologies the the one above doesn't work - there are obviously gremlins afoot.

    xxx Belinda