Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New Jenny Watson Yarn

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As promised - we have new things for you today ..... Jenny Watson (well known designer for Noro and others) has started her own brand of yarn in partnership with James Brett and we are delighted to be stocking her Pure Merino DK.

We are great fans of pure wool here in Penzance and, with the demise of Stylecraft's Pure Luxury Merino, have been looking for a good alternative - and here it is!

14 colours and a book of 10 patterns to go with them (encouragingly this book is called Book Number 1 - implying that there will be more!):

Unfortunately, our site doesn't have the ability to show extra pictures of the patterns so you miss some of the Jenny quirky details - but here on the blog we can show you them. I really like this waistcoat - which has an interesting front and back:

This jacket is great - knitted sideways, the front tucks in to do up:

and the back has a neat cable detail:

This waistcoat has a plain front:

and a lacy back:

It's this attention to detail that I really like about Jenny's designs.

We also have 3 new colours in the very popular Twinkle DK (with more Twinkle patterns coming tomorrow):

one new Rustic Aran colour (and more Rustic Aran patterns to follow tomorrow):

and one new colour in Rico's Micro Print:

If that's not enough to give you food for thought for loads of new projects then come back tomorrow for some more!

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