Monday, 16 May 2011

Weekend Report

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So - the weekend is done and we're going to need several more weekends to recover.

The English GCSE is done but I have no idea how it went - English isn't T's strong suit and is definitely not his favourite subject so, no doubt, he'll say it went dreadfully. Time will tell.

The Ten Tors is done and, sadly, ended in the team withdrawing at tor 7 when they realised there was no way they could make the last miles in the required time. Never has the phrase "a team is as strong as its weakest member" been more apt but I'm proud to say that G was not the weakest member and acted with great compassion and understanding to those that were struggling. They were not helped by the fact that they had by far the hardest route (confirmed by one very kind soldier) and four teams on their route retired whilst all the teams on the other routes completed the course.

For us it was a hideously nerve-wracking weekend as the v sophisticated computer system went completely doo-lally so we were never sure if the numbers on the screen were correct and then we calculated - fairly early on Sunday morning - that there weren't enough hours left for them to complete - a sad moment at home and on the Tor.

However, it was a brave shout and they actually walked well over 40 miles which, in itself, is amazing and they calculated that their so-called "as the crow flies" 55 mile route was, in reality, nearer 65 - a very tough ask.

The website still isn't launched as poor Thomas plays detective to work out how to make the site do what we want it to do. We now have the wonder that is "Skype" so the boys are on constant Skype calls whilst fiddling at both ends to try and make things work (and stick). Very fortunately, I can keep well out of this!

Had a minor heart attack this morning when printing out some accounts stuff and it printed out a page of gobblydegook. Thought we'd been hit by a virus but all appears to be working OK now - a nasty moment.

On the plus side, knitting is going well! Have finished the knitting part of a Debbie Bliss "Angel" cardigan and have to crochet the edging tonight. I'm not really a crocheter so any crocheting involves total concentration and silence. Tonight I'm banning everyone from the kitchen so I can lay it out on the kitchen table and do battle. Think of me!

I've also started a sock for an upcoming birthday and managed a whole load whilst staring at the computer screen this weekend and willing the boys on plus a whole load in the car en route to Oakhampton and back!

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  1. Aw. Commiserations to G. He must be gutted. But there will be the next challenge before long, I am sure.

    Happy knitting on the socks, and good vibes for the new site.

    Skype is brilliant, isn't it? I'm not sure where mr beest and I would be without it. (probably me back in Cornwall having resigned/come back from exile in Holland after going nuts!)