Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Triana Lux

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We don't get many new yarns at this time of year but Katia has produced it's new scarf yarn - Triana Lux. This is a slightly glittery, sparkly version of the very popular Triana. If I'm honest, I didn't think it was coming out until the autumn but it's here and it's selling well already so it may be a good idea to buy some now if you want it. There's bound to be a mad rush come the autumn! It comes in 6 lovely colours, so far:

There's 3 to tempt you!

I've been crocheting the edge around this:

(the tie front bolero on the model - not the curtains) and I'm not really a crocheter and the edge has gone on for miles and miles and could well, in fact, have been the curtains. Got the main bit done last night and have the sleeves to do tonight. It'll then be in the window for a week and I'll then do some close up shots - unless I get it done so quickly I have time tonight - ha! It's going to look fabulous but for a non-crocheter I gave myself a bit of a challenge. Secretly quite chuffed with myself and even - briefly - contemplated a crochet blanket from my stash. Tracey gave me "a look" which, roughly translated, confirmed the insanity of this idea. But - never say never!

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