Thursday, 26 May 2011

New Patterns!

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We've been unusually quiet over the past couple of days (probably due to end of the month plus another bank holiday weekend looming) but - as ever - there's been plenty for me to do. So, today I entered a whack of new patterns onto the site.

Not everyone loves knitting with 3 or 4ply but there are a few new patterns, for babies, in both these weights. (Search by "Pattern" and then specify your yarn weight in the boxes on the left.)

There are 4 new patterns for children (girls specifically) in Brushstrokes Chunky. Here is one of them:

There are two patterns in Twirl and, bizarrely, I realised when inputting them that these are the first patterns ever in Twirl. We've stocked Twirl for a while and it's popular and very reasonably priced so why there aren't more patterns is a mystery - maybe these two will be the start of something new and good:

There are four great new patterns in Life Aran - all shown in traditional cream (which does look great but will, of course show up all the dirt!) so do think of other colours as well! Here's a sample of two:

We then had four new patterns in Extra Special DK. Again, this is an acrylic yarn which has been selling amazingly well so they've introduced four new colours and four new patterns featuring the new colours. Here are two:

We've been fortunate enough to have a delivery of King Cole's Bamboo Cotton, which - for a while - was rarer than hens' teeth. There had been grave concerns about King Cole's ability to continue with this yarn due to the worldwide shortage of cotton but I'm delighted to say they've fixed it and, at the moment, we have pretty much every colour in stock. Bamboo Cotton is a 50/50 blend (of - as the name suggests - bamboo and cotton) and it's a fantastic yarn and incredibly popular. I knitted this with it:

from Debbie Bliss's summer magazine last year. It was great to knit with and lovely to wear - just waiting for some more summer weather as it's absolutely freezing here in Cornwall at the moment (must be the Bank Holiday weekend!). I'm currently wearing Cornish Organic wool sweater plus scarf and boots. I refuse to put the heating on in May!

Tomorrow is Speech Day (T's last) followed by his Leavers' Ball (black tie and posh frocks) and then Saturday night is G's 18th birthday party (30+kids in a field a mile from our house [we're not daft]) then Sunday is G's birthday and Annual Presentation Night at the rugby club and, yes, they've all discovered it's G's birthday so my guess is we won't see him again until about mid-day on Monday. And I must start the year end accounts on Monday - one thing that's guaranteed is the house will be quiet with hungover men!

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