Saturday, 28 May 2011

1 Party Down, 2 To Go

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So - the super crazy party weekend has begun. Speech Day went well (Jenny Agutter presented prizes) and T won Sport Effort and his Rugby colours. I took him out to lunch afterwards and we debated the strange lack of academic effort prizes ever received in the Hopson household. From memory I think we've won sporting achievement and effort for most years (and T has been there for 12 years) but not one, single, solitary academic subject effort (or attainment) prize. Strange. Very strange. One boy in T's class got 11 prizes so we're blaming him.

Yesterday evening was the Leavers' Ball and T looked very smart:

In particular you must note his shoes, which are his great-grandfather's hand made shoes from some very posh shop in London (By Appointment) which has, sadly, now closed. FB spent all of yesterday afternoon polishing them to an acceptable military shine. The rose is also home grown.

T has come home this morning having had a great time and went straight up for a bath and then crashed into bed. Nuff said.

Tonight is G's 18th. Interestingly, FB and I have noted that throughout this mad, crazy party weekend we have no parties to go to at all but the other parties seem to be costing us a fortune. Funny that. Anything good on the telly tonight?

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