Monday, 18 October 2010

Yummy New Yarns

Knitwits Yarns

Once again it appears to have been a week since my last meanderings - if someone could work out how the time goes so fast and how we could slow it down and/or how I could fit more things in per day, I'd really appreciate it. One option would be to give up work but I don't think the bank manager would take too kindly to that and, having met and chatted to several recent retirees they all say they don't know how they had time to work, they're so busy so, clearly, that isn't the answer.

On the other hand - it could just be that I'm so busy as we're still getting lots of lovely new yarns in and trying to fit them into the shop and then on to the web is time consuming but, oh, so much fun! There was a time when we had so much yarn in the shop we had a sack "stored" on top of the loo and we had to move it every time we needed to "go". We haven't resorted to that tactic again yet so - obviously - there's still room for more loveliness!

And the only reason we have all this loveliness is thanks to our wonderful customers who keep on buying it - so, thank you - and keep on buying so we can this nasty recession that we don't care and we're going to knit our way through it!

We had some amazing and lush new 4ply sock yarns in from Rico - Mexico and Santa Fe - and only £5.99 per 100g ball - brilliant! Check out these colours to give you a taste:

We also had some amazing new felting wool in from Rico. It's designed to be knitted on 8mm needles and then felted down and, what's more, it knits into fairisle - perfect for slippers and booties and handbags and ..................... Check out these colours:

We also had a delivery in from King Cole so there's loads of stock of the lovely Mirage, Splash and Bamboo Cotton.

Last week - as you know - was Wool Week and we offered a whopping 20% off Cornish Organic Wool. It was so successful that FB is now dyeing wool to fulfil some of the orders and we've decided to have a sale every week from now until at least the start of 2011. So - every Monday from now until January, something new will be on sale. This week it's Jaeger. Sadly, Jaeger has now closed it's wool producing department and we have some last remaining balls left over. We have gorgeous Extra Fine Merino Chunky in 4 colours, which for some inexplicable reason never sold well (being Merino, it's lovely and soft, of course), we have Ascot (which has suddenly started selling in the last few weeks so there must be some patterns of it somewhere - or maybe it's mentioned on Ravelry?) and we have a few other bits and pieces as well. Check them all out here. Prices have already been reduced so the price showing is the sale price.

We've actually had another delivery of more loveliness so I'll thrash/cajole FB into getting it photographed so I can get it to you as soon as .......... watch this space!

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