Sunday, 3 October 2010

Knitting for Savile Row

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Sock knitting for Savile Row has taken up most of my knitting time this week - it started off as a sock but then the publicity blurb said I'd be knitting a "Shooting Stocking" (this is Savile Row after all) so the sock was tinked/frogged back (actually, that's a lie - I just ripped the whole wretched thing out and went to bed).

Day 2, I re-calculated the number of stitches (given that the rib is now going round someone's calf, not their ankle) and started again. Knitted the rib, no problem, then started on the body (on slightly bigger needles for a bit more "give" in the calf area. Knitted about 1" then re-considered and thought, maybe, I should be knitting in rib to give even more "give" in the calf area. Consulted a few photographs of shooting stockings - they are, indeed, knitted in rib. This time I did, carefully, tink/frog the whole lot back stitch by stitch. (Incidentally, do you know that the term frog comes from the fact that you rippit, rippit [ribbit, ribbit - get it?!]).

Day 3, re-calculated the ribbed leg and set off again. I'm now back onto small needles and approaching the ankle. Have decided to turn the heel and then stop so I can demonstrate on the foot bit. Concluded that turning the heel and trying to talk to people and be generally charming and not c**k it up totally would be too much to attempt (I know my own limitations).

In my head, I've designed the second project - thick woolly (obviously) winter scarf with tri-coloured cable. Designing in my head and putting into practice and writing up the pattern are three completely different things. I have one week. On the plus side, I have 5.5 hours on a train next Sunday afternoon.

There's also the matter of the second sock - to start or not to start - that is the question.

PS: T returned home safely at 4.30am on Saturday morning. Starving hungry. Went to bed after a fried egg sandwich. How can anyone be hungry at 4.30am? Of course, forgot, he's a teenager. He seems to have had a great time and might even have done a bit of geography.

PPS: Bad news - Deidre's ear has started to smell again. Can I cope with ear drops and shooting stockings in one week?

PPPS: More bad news - we ran out of oil (£500) and the car spectacularly (and hideously expensively [£500]) failed its MOT just two days after it had a £100 puncture. That, on top of very little sleep, is a very bad combination.

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  1. Oh dear- those last two PS-es don't add up to much good...

    Good luck with the Saville Row knitting thing. Shooting stockings... sounds like a lot of work...