Friday, 8 October 2010

Wool Week

Knitwits Yarns

Wool Week is nearly upon us and the excitement is nearing fever pitch. The shooting stocking is knitted to the "stop" point but the tri-colour scarf is alarmingly short and probably too complicated to knit on a train - am undecided as to what to do about that little predicament except knit like fury tonight and pray the knitting fairies do a few rows in the wee small hours when I'm snoring.

I held my first "Learn to Knit" class last night which, I'm hoping, went well. Everyone there had actually done a bit of knitting so we ventured into the varied ways of casting on and all agreed that cable cast on is the neatest. Next week Tracey is going to teach the thumb method which may confuse all over again! I've sent them home with their homework which seemed to delight everyone - not like physics or chemistry when at school!

I start tomorrow with my flu jab (an annual thrill) and will then decorate the shop window for Wool Week. For one week only we're offering 10% off all Cornish Organic Wool!! Prices will change on-line tomorrow afternoon so keep an eye out to catch this special offer!

Some lovely new sock wools from Rico coming online tomorrow too - keep an eye out for them - you won't be disappointed!

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