Saturday, 30 October 2010

Stuff We've Been Knitting

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Somehow the planets all aligned today and we had a spare half hour, a bag of garments to photograph, a camera and the sun shining so we shot out into the garden and rattled off some photos of things we've been knitting recently. Turns out I wasn't in the most photogenic of moods (blame the sun in my eyes if you will) but, here goes:

Riot waistcoat sent to us by King Cole - not knitted by us - Tracey would never in a million years allowed that really obvious join on the right front! I like it although we've agreed it doesn't necessarily suit those who are - how shall I put this - more generously endowed than I am. FB likes it as he says it makes me look more generously endowed than I actually am!

The pattern looks like this:

and it seems to suit her! Glad to see she's also having a slightly dodgy hair day.

Second garment is in King Cole Misty:

As you can see - FB cunningly blended this with the plant in the background (these things aren't just thrown together, you know). This sweater is lovely and light and only took 4 balls, which was a real bargain.

Third garment is my personal favourite. We took this pattern in King Cole Haze:

and shortened the sweater so it looks like this:

it only took 2 balls and, because of the ribbing, is very flattering - a good result all round (and, again, makes me look more endowed than I am [or is that just the angle and light?]).

You may remember, back in August when the sun was occasionally shining, I started a pair of socks for my brother for his birthday in Riot. Well - finally - here they are (to be fair, they've been finished for a couple of weeks and sitting in the bag waiting to be photographed):

I did Tracey's 2 needle/sewing up method and have to say, I'll never do it again!! Will stick to 4 needles in future but I'm glad I gave it a go. Am v pleased with the way they jolly nearly match. Bro will have his present just over 2 months late!

FB then had red sheep to photograph:

For some reason they've never been photographed properly before but they have now so you can now buy them (and all their friends) on the site - here.

After all that, Deidre came to see what the fuss was about:

Here he is quite clearly wondering what the h*"l those red things are:

and, quite possibly, debating whether they'd be worth eating.

Have a good weekend - extra hour in bed tonight - oh yes!

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  1. Also quite cunning how the model with the bad hair day has her hair draped over one shoulder of the tank top, so you'll never find out if they had the same obvious join with colour jump!!

    Lovely pics of Deirdre investigating the sheep :-)