Thursday, 28 May 2009

Knitwits Yarns

Feeling a little jaded today, if I'm honest, as we celebrated a friend's 40th birthday last night - bad news mid-week but, hey ho, we had fun and a lovely walk home under a starlit sky - one of the joys of living where we do is that it's pitch black with no light pollution at night.

I've met several people in the shop this week who read this drivel. I have to say it's a strange feeling when you meet people who know you through your bizarre ramblings and ask kindly after the chickens - all babes doing well, thank you but the fluff is now going and we're growing feathers so we're losing some of the "aagh" factor - some (FB) would say they're actually looking pretty ugly but I know their Mum loves them and so do I.

We've had a run this week of incorrect credit card numbers/card info on orders. Can I please beg that you double (and triple) check all details before pressing that "Submit Order" button - thank you, thank you, thank you. The emails that have to fly back and forth defy belief - we always get there in the end but I worry that you may be without wool for longer than is strictly necessary - I worry for your nerves and, frankly, your partners/families as I know what I'm like when I'm without wool - I fret and pace and, sometimes, turn to wine - really not pretty.

Tomorrow my eldest baby - G - turns 16. What a milestone that is! 16 years ago today I was out having dinner with friends, G was over 2 weeks late and induction was being threatened. We came home from dinner and I took a tablespoon of castor oil (old wives' tale and truly, unbelievably revolting) - 5 hours later I was in labour. G & I battled on for 18 hours and, in the end, I had a Caesar. He slept through the whole of that first night and has continued to be an excellent sleeper and a charming, delightful, funny, warm and caring boy and young man. Sure, we have the occasional testosterone charged moments but he always comes back and apologises and he'll always give me a hug when I need one. I am, as you can tell, incredibly proud of the excellent young man he is turning into. Happy Birthday G - you're a star.

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